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Sawing a Boy Scout in half!
Camp Taylor Show.    Ready......... Set..........
All tied up at Bills' Party
All tied up again!
Colorado Magic with Marcy!
I want a Balloon!!
Where is.....
Hey Kid!  He's Over Here!
Balloon Guy???
Well, you can't have mine!
I Will make any party a BLAST! Each show is different! Over 35
years of professional experience allows me to improvise
extensively which gives me the flexibility to do a show that is
tailored to the needs of the customer, not the needs of the
performer! I guarantee you a show that will be filled with laughs
and amazement...whether it be a few people, or hundreds. I
hope you allow me the opportunity to provide QUALITY
entertainment for your function real soon. Thank you for visiting
my site, I hope you had fun exploring it, and may your days be
filled with MAGIC!
David J.
Don Davis in the "chopper"
the Amazing Monty!
Bahamas New Years 2008
Magic with Maverick!